About the founder

Karmalulu is the brainchild of Dubai-based Iraqi designer Kareema Al Adhami.

Born in Toronto and raised in Dubai, Kareema completed her Master’s in Cultural and Creative Industries at King’s College in London.
With no formal training, she started designing jewelry by chance in 2018, following in the artistic footsteps of her grandmother and grandaunt, Layla and Suad Al Attar, two trailblazing Iraqi female painters.

Raised in an ultra-creative household, Kareema had early exposure to art that now underscores her creations.

The label draws inspiration from her passion for art and culture, which are infused with personal sensibilities inspired by her heritage. Kareema creates precious pieces, designed to be worn everyday, and to be passed down through generations.

kareema al adhami

About karmalulu

With their timeless appeal, Karmalulu’s perennial and poetic pieces prescribe the notion that jewelry should be treasured forever, making a strong case for ignoring trends and seasons. The result is wearable objets d’art that create a distinctive vintage look and exude an inimitable sense of easy elegance. Influenced by her own curious nature, the idea behind each piece begins with a personal story associated with themes of beauty, strength and empowerment that invite discussion.

The brand presents talking-point pieces, designed for contemporary and multifaceted women. Created in Dubai, the pieces are made from recycled gold and hand-selected materials such as diamonds and precious and semi-precious gems.  

Reflecting the brand’s sustainable sensibility, Karmalulu is made in small-batches. The brand believes that high quality comes with slower production processes.